Don’t Shrug Off Shoulder Pain

Your shoulder is a complex joint between three different bones: the upper arm bone, the shoulder blade and the collarbone. It’s cushioned with cartilage and fluid-filled sacs called bursae. When you add in a network of powerful muscles, tendons and ligaments, you get an amazing body part that can push heavy loads, throw a 90 mph fastball and much more. But when your shoulder joint is overused or injured, all of that changes.

Shoulder problems can happen at any age. Shoulder injuries or diseases, such as arthritis, can affect the bone, soft tissues or both. The most common symptom is shoulder pain, but other symptoms may include stiffness, weakness or loss of range of motion. You may also feel that your shoulder is loose, like it could pop out of place. Treatment will depend upon your particular type of shoulder issue, but it could range from nonsurgical options like physical therapy and corticosteroid injections to surgical options, including arthroscopy or shoulder replacement surgery.

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