Shoulder Labral Tear

A Bankart lesion is the most common form of an anterior (front) labrum tear in the shoulder. It results in anterior instability of the shoulder.

At Andrews Sports Medicine, our fellowship-trained non-surgical physicians and orthopaedic surgeons who commonly diagnose and treat shoulder labral tears.

Bankart repair surgery is performed arthroscopically and it repairs the torn labrum and associated ligaments to restore stability to the shoulder and prevent recurrent dislocations. Arthroscopic surgery is preferred because it is minimally invasive and results in a quicker recovery. A Bankart repair utilizes small incisions, known as portals, to insert a small camera and specialized tools into the shoulder. After the incisions are made, a specialized tool is inserted to prepare the rim of the socket at its attachment location on the bone so that the surfaces are optimal for repair and healing. Holes are drilled into the glenoid (bone of the shoulder socket) and specialized anchors that are connected to strong sutures are inserted into the bone.

Then, the sutures are passed through the capsule and labrum tissue.  The sutures are then tied, securing the labrum back to its original location as a specialized cartilage rim in the glenohumeral joint (shoulder socket). Patients are recommended to wear a sling and immobilize the affected shoulder after surgery. Following a specific therapy plan of active and assisted stretching of the shoulder will improve recovery and mobility of the shoulder. After 12 weeks, athletes are able to return to aggressive strength training and activity.