SI.COM - Dahl Undergoes "Clean up" Surgery on Right Shoulder

By Tracy Ringolsby SEPTEMBER 30, 2020

After battling an ailing right shoulder since January, Rockies outfielder David Dahl underwent surgery on Tuesday to cleanup the joint. Dahl is expected to be ready for 2021 Spring Training.

Dr. Jeffrey Dugas said he cleaned up fraying in the labrum and a "little bit" in the rotator cuff. He also removed a bursa sac and a small bone spur.

Dahl indicated the shoulder...

THE ATHLETIC - An Alternative to Tommy John Surgery?

The Athletic

Written by Alec Lewis

In August 2018, right-handed pitcher Jesse Hahn hopped in his car and drove across Missouri, from Kansas City to the St. Louis area. It was morning when the journey began; the sun was shining, and the interstate was relatively empty. On his mind was the next morning’s appointment with well-known orthopedic surgeon Dr. George Paletta, whose diagnosis had the potential to change Hahn’s baseball life.

The Kansas City Royals had scheduled the appointment for Hahn after months...

Lower the Pitcher's Mound? Not So Fast


Thanks to reporter, Ray Glier, for writing this article about the great research and work being done by our research & education partner, the American Sports Medicine Institute (ASMI). The story published online Tuesday, February 12.

Written by Ray Glier

When you pay to see a baseball game, you’re paying for action. Or at least you were. Baseball fans love the crack of the bat, the acrobatic catches, the bang-bang plays at first base and slide-and-tag plays at second.

The Champion Within on NBC

The NBC series, “The Champion Within" features the powerful and inspiring stories of successful athletes who exemplify what it really means to be a champion. Hosted by Lauren Thompson of Golf Channel’s "Morning Drive," "The Champion Within" introduces audiences to professional and amateur athletes who have overcome obstacles to ultimately achieve transcendent moments in the world of sports.

Most Tommy John Surgeries Are Performed On Teenage Baseball Players

Andrew Nuss goes through the motions as he stands on the pitcher’s mound in the same public park where he started playing baseball when he was five years old.

Over the years, he’s developed quite a fastball—reaching speeds of 87 miles an hour.

Andrew, who’s 18 now, hopes to play Major League Baseball. That’s why he had Tommy John surgery last May to replace the torn ligament in his elbow.