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Lower the Pitcher's Mound? Not So Fast


Thanks to reporter, Ray Glier, for writing this article about the great research and work being done by our research & education partner, the American Sports Medicine Institute (ASMI). The story published online Tuesday, February 12.

Written by Ray Glier

When you pay to see a baseball game, you’re paying for action. Or at least you were. Baseball fans love the crack of the bat, the acrobatic catches, the bang-bang plays at first base and slide-and-tag plays at second.

Study Finds Injuries Related to Extreme Conditioning on Par with Other Exercises

Birmingham Medical News

Benton A. Emblom, M.D.

With the increased popularity of extreme conditioning programs (ECPs), a group of Birmingham physicians noticed an increase in the rate of injury among participants of these programs. A cross-sectional study determined that the injury rate related to ECPs was no greater than the same injuries in other sports. However, information from the study is enabling fitness trainers and physicians to prevent and manage injuries related to the programs.