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THE FREDERICK NEWS-POST: Alternative to Tommy John surgery benefits Lancer's Lee, hundreds of others


He wasn’t even a member of the travel team, yet the third baseman with the elbow brace may be one of the most valuable teammates Cole Lee has ever had.

Coached by Keith Gordon, Lee’s Mid-Atlantic Red Sox team was conducting an ordinary practice at The Bullis School in Bethesda two summers ago. A player from one of Gordon’s previous travel teams wanted to sharpen his skills after not having played for some time. So Gordon allowed him to log some practice reps with the Red Sox, and Lee saw him field his share of ground balls at third base.

Maness a Trailblazer? New Surgery for Elbow Repair Cut Recovery Time

St. Louis Dispatch

Jeffrey Dugas, MD, a managing partner at Andrews Sports Medicine & Orthopaedic Center, Birmingham, Alabama, talks about a relatively new surgical procedure that cuts recovery time for injured athletes.

When a St. Louis Post-Dispatch reporter wanted background information about a relatively new surgical procedure performed on a former St. Louis Cardinals pitcher, he reached out to Dr. Dugas.