Hand Injury/Condition


Kelly Daspit

I injured my left wrist when I fell back on my outstretched hand in March of 2018. I visited a primary care physician and was treated with pain medicine and physical therapy.

Unfortunately, I hurt my wrist again in early April of 2019 and had worse pain. I went to an urgent care and they put a splint on it; however, my pain did not go away. 

One of my friends recommended I see a doctor at Andrews Sports Medicine. I was desperate for any relief. 

Tommie Spradley

After 37+ years working as a mechanic and welder, my joints are pretty worn out. Over the years I have had knee replacement, hip replacement and multiple rotator cuff surgeries on both shoulders.

When I retired and moved back to Alabama in 2010, my orthopedist recommended Andrews Sports Medicine for any followup of my orthopedic issues. Dr. Ricardo Colberg has taken care of me ever since, helping me to manage the chronic pain in my shoulders and back. 

Rileigh Marlow

We want to take a minute to tell Dr. Kathleen McKeon at Andrews Sports Medicine & Orthopaedic Center how grateful we are to you for providing our daughter state-of-the-art care. 

Lisa Strong

For some time, I had trouble with pain in my left foot under my toes when I would walk. I have been to doctors in Decatur where I live and had inserts for my shoes made and that didn't work.

I saw another orthopedist and a podiatrist and no help with those two. My foster dad told me about Dr. Waldrop and how he helped him. So, I decided to try one more time for help and God had bless me with a angel. :-)