MCL Injury/Reconstruction

MCL Injury/Reconstruction

Dr. Jonathan Whitley

I grew up on a farm and have been working on it my whole life. We have cattle, chicken houses and row crop operations where we grow cotton and peanuts. From an early age, I enjoyed the work and knew I wanted to carry it over into my professional career. So, I studied to become a large animal veterinarian. 

Max McClendon

Dr. Benton Emblom and his staff are phenomenal. My 15 year-old son tore his ACL, PCL, MCL and medial meniscus in a Friday night football game.

On the Saturday morning after the injury, we saw Dr. Ryan Palmer at EAMC. Once it was confirmed Max had a torn PCL, Dr. Palmer said he didn't feel comfortable doing the surgery and he referred us to Dr. Emblom. Dr. Palmer's honesty was overwhelming.

Before going to Andrews we were told Max's chances of playing sports again was slim to none. Once we saw Dr. Emblom he assured us Max would come back.