Mako Total Hip


David Hofland

I am an old fellow that loves to run. I’ve been a recreational runner since my early 20's; however,  a broken pelvis/hip 23 years ago gradually became a severe, post-traumatic arthritis of my hip.

My 5K run times got longer and longer – my running stride became a hobble – walking became limping and painful.

I delayed seeking a hip replacement for more than a year. I tried steroid injections, but they didn't help much, and gradually my range of motion became so affected that I could not put on sock or tie a shoe on the right side.

Bill Jacoway

Dr. Jeffrey Davis, Andrews Sports Medicine's staff and St. Vincent's Hospital were all phenomenal throughout the process from diagnosis to post-surgery follow up! 

I had anterior, robotic-assisted replacement of my left hip on a Monday morning, was home Tuesday afternoon, walking on a cane by Saturday and back at work on the following Monday. Being back at work in an upstairs office one week post hip replacement surgery is amazing to me!

Dr. Lawrence "Larry" DeLucas

Where were you during the summer of 1992? For me, I was in space serving as a payload specialist aboard the Columbia Space Shuttle. Following the space expedition, I spent time as the chief scientist at the International Space Station and later came to work as a professor at UAB. However, I’m not here to brag about myself. I’m here to brag on the doctors at Andrews Sports Medicine.