Mako Total Knee


Marcia Lowry

I worked at St. Vincent's Birmingham for 18 years and saw Andrews Sports Medicine being built. I was having trouble with my knee and received a strong recommendation to see Dr. David Moore, one of Andrews Sports Medicine's joint replacement specialists. Looking back, from the beginning of my experience to the end, I know I couldn’t have chosen a better surgeon.

Alicia Banks

For several years I had chronic knee pain where the cartilage in my knee joint was wearing out. A co-worker of mine, who had shoulder surgery at Andrews Sports Medicine, recommended I see Dr. Benton Emblom for my pain and promised I would thank him later. I had previously heard great things about Dr. Emblom and his work from my cousin, so I decided to follow through and make an appointment.

Robert Sells

At age 35, I was married, active, enjoying a new career, and looking forward to life. In the summer of that year – 1989 – that life changed completely. I was diagnosed with an aggressive case of rheumatoid arthritis and I would spend a year-and-a-half bedridden until I fought to regain minor mobility. I was told that my walking days were over and that I would soon be in a wheelchair. Decades of issues with chronic pain and the challenges of being disabled and an invalid followed.

Norman Bonds

I've been suffering with knee issues since high school days (1980's). After 3 year of college football, over 15 years of softball, working everyday on concrete and coaching youth sports for over 28 years, my left knee was worn out.

My first experience at Andrews Sports Medicine included walking into the center and only waiting 5 minutes before being attended to w/ X-rays. The initial consulting doctor, Dr. Ricardo Colberg, gave me the feeling I was at the right place.