ACL Injury/Reconstruction


Sam Hudson

My name is Sam Hudson, I’m 18 years-old and will be graduating from Montgomery Academy in the spring of 2017. I grew up playing a variety of sports, including football, which I started playing when I was 5 years-old.  Fortunately, God blessed me with a large, athletic frame. I stand 6’ 4”, could run a 4.7, was a solid receiver with dreams of playing college football.   

Elizabeth Giattina

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In Sept.

Halley Hammonds

In August 2013, I was 13 and I tore my ACL and meniscus in my right knee while tumbling. I was devastated! I thought I would never cheer again!!

I had surgery, and Dr. Sam Goldstein told me the only way I would be able to get back to competitive cheer that season was if I worked my butt off in therapy. Unfortunately, I got released a few weeks after our last competition, but I knew I would come back better than ever the next season.

Jessi Nelson

Seventeen years of competitive and collegiate cheerleading were slowly coming to an end during the last semester of my senior year and 4th year cheerleading for the University of Alabama. Thankfully, I had never had an injury other than a minor sprained ankle here and there.

Lauren O'Dell

Since I was 9-years-old, I have pitched and played softball year round. It was always my dream to play softball in college. After my 7th grade year, I moved to another school in my county. I had to sit out a year from playing because of eligibility rules. I continued to practice with the softball, basketball and volleyball teams.

Aimee Barnes

I’m not a world- class athlete. I’m a mom, a wife and a financial planner. I happen to enjoy Crossfit and weightraining because they help me feel in tune with my body and stronger in all other areas of my life. 

Chris Parker

I had never had any major injuries prior to this year. Back in April of 2016, I went to Lake Tahoe with some friends to snow ski. About an hour into our first day skiing, I tore my ACL. I really had no idea what I'd done to my leg, I just knew I'd hurt it badly! I saw a doctor at the resort, but he couldn't diagnose me with 100% accuracy because he couldn't do an MRI. I reached out to a friend, Jeff Allen, who's the Head Football Athletic Trainer at the University of Alabama. Jeff helped me get an appointment setup with Dr.