Stress Fracture


Mae Neil

With the world pandemic and restrictions in New York, my career as a professional dancer slowed down. Therefore, I left New York and traveled to New Orleans, where dance studios were allowed to remain open, to continue my professional training.

Catherine Myrick

My daughter, Catherine, has played competitive soccer for many years, so being active is a very big part of her life. One day Catherine was in the front yard playing with her siblings when she injured her foot.

I took Catherine to our pediatrician and she ordered x-rays. Our pediatrician said they couldn’t see anything broken and sent her home with the diagnosis of a bad sprain. We treated it like a sprain and put a brace on her foot.

Pamela Danley

My left foot had been in a boot for nearly a year and it got to the point where I couldn’t walk or put pressure on it. I had never been in so much pain and I was seeing a doctor in my hometown, but getting no results. Unfortunately, he never even ordered an MRI. After getting upset with my hometown clinic, I decided to make an appointment at Andrews Sports Medicine.


Jake Maples

I had an elbow injury in the fall of 2012 that ended my highly competitive baseball pitching career.

I took up golf in the spring of 2013, my freshman year in high school. I played well and always made the scoring team but my elbow still hurt - not when I was playing golf, but all the time.

Kendall Price

I was running a race in Pensacola, FL on March 1, 2014, when I felt a sharp pain in my right ankle. I hobbled across the finish line and still managed to take 2nd place in my age category. I immediately took a seat, propped my foot up and iced it. I went to a "doc in the box" because we were out of town. They blew me off and told me I had strained a ligament/tendon.

Ann Rich

I love to move my body! I discovered this back in the 80's when aerobics and jazzercise were the hottest new exercises to get in shape while having fun with music. Three years ago, I traded in my athletic shoes for 3 inch heels to exerecise in. I became a passionate student of ballroom dance. As my love for it grew, so did my competitive nature and I began training for ballroom competitions. This year, I had some serious goals as I was training for a Fred Astaire World Competition in Las Vegas, Nevada in July, 2016.