Knee Injury/Condition

Knee Injury

Tiffany Robinson Chandler

My name is Tiffany Robinson Chandler and Dr. Jeff Dugas is one of my most favorite people.

I first met Dr. Dugas in 2003 when I had UCL surgery on my left elbow. Little did I realize that God had many more opportunities for Dr. Dugas and me to cross paths. In 2004 I had my first ACL surgery while doing gymnastics at Auburn University, but it wasn’t then that my relationship with Dr. Dugas started to form. I transferred my junior year, in 2006, to Troy University to cheer.

Anna Robey

I first saw Dr. Jeff Dugas in August of 2006 after my Allograft Oats procedure had failed after 2 years. I was only 26 at the time; had already endured 4 knee surgeries and couldn't find help in Southwest Florida.

Lathrop Smith

I have had a total of 11 orthopaedic surgeries during my lifetime, with many of those being performed by Drs. Andrews, Cain and McBryde. Over the years, I have always been pleased with my surgical outcomes and experiences at Andrews Sports Medicine.

Geoff Langdon

Growing up in New York City, I fell in love with boxing and was active in the sport through my teens. In my 20’s, I moved to Alabama and have called this great state home for 40+ years. Fortunately, I’ve remained very active during my adult life, playing competitive sports and experiencing the positive benefits and satisfaction of living a healthy lifestyle. 

Dave Westbrook

I want to thank Dr. Steven Nichols and everyone at Andrews Sports Medicine and Orthopaedic Center. They are a great bunch of down to earth folks, always smiling, and the nicest people you could have care for you! From the ladies in imaging all the way to surgery!

Jeff Tomko

One week prior to moving from Ohio to Alabama for a new job assignment, I was playing basketball with my 15 year old twin sons. I felt a pop in my right knee when I stretched to retrieve a ball from going out of bounds. My wife would tell you that I should not be playing pick up basketball at the age of 49!

An MRI later revealed that I had torn my meniscus, and surgery was required.

I was referred to Andrews Sports Medicine by a neighbor, made an appointment with Dr. Flanagan who performed my meniscus repair surgery.

Brittney Crain

I'm a long distance runner. You know, I'm the one who, in her mid-twenties (after recovering from a hip injury that Dr. Emblom fixed), decided to run a half marathon...then a marathon...and kept on running. Training has never been easy for me. I battled injuries, particularly IT band syndrome, from the time I started training for my first half. 

Amanda Smith

Several years ago, I became determined to do what I was told I couldn't do. I became determined to run a half marathon. I had never run before, but I set my eyes on a prize. After two years of training, I succeeded at running my first and I was hooked. After running my second, I knew that running was my mental break. While running, I get in a zone and feel peace and relaxation. On a youth mission trip the summer of 2015, I injured my knee. After hearing I'd never run again, I became determined to get back in my running shoes.