Hip Replacement – Anterior

Hip Replacement – Anterior

Mike Haynes

I had been diagnosed with degenerative joint disease of the left hip back in 2006. I believe it all started with a snow skiing accident in the early 1980's. I was told at the time of diagnosis that when it got to where the pain was sufficient, I would most likely need a hip replacement. 

For about 15 years I just lived with the pain and the limited range of motion issues. I was thinking the longer I can endure this, the more perfected the procedure and materials used will be. 

Dan Miller

I am 62 years old and I love spending time outdoors. Hiking is my passion and I usually spend a lot of time exploring 14,000 ft. mountains in Colorado.

Iris Wilkinson

I am a 55-year-old female that has been active for most all my life; softball and volleyball in my 20’s and 30’s and tennis for the last 25 years.

Two years ago, my right hip started giving me issues. I went through physical therapy and injections, but it just got progressively worse until I could no longer play tennis, nor really walk or sleep without pain.

David Hofland

I am an old fellow that loves to run. I’ve been a recreational runner since my early 20's; however,  a broken pelvis/hip 23 years ago gradually became a severe, post-traumatic arthritis of my hip.

My 5K run times got longer and longer – my running stride became a hobble – walking became limping and painful.

I delayed seeking a hip replacement for more than a year. I tried steroid injections, but they didn't help much, and gradually my range of motion became so affected that I could not put on sock or tie a shoe on the right side.

Janet Keener

In the past, I had a posterior hip replacement on my right hip. This was done by a different group and hospital. I wasn’t pleased with the results.

When I was told I needed surgery on my left hip, I researched and was given Dr. Jeffrey Davis’ name. After my initial appointment, I felt I had the right surgeon.

Bill Jacoway

Dr. Jeffrey Davis, Andrews Sports Medicine's staff and St. Vincent's Hospital were all phenomenal throughout the process from diagnosis to post-surgery follow up! 

I had anterior, robotic-assisted replacement of my left hip on a Monday morning, was home Tuesday afternoon, walking on a cane by Saturday and back at work on the following Monday. Being back at work in an upstairs office one week post hip replacement surgery is amazing to me!

Nat Lovoy

To paraphrase a quote by Sir William Osler, “the patient who treats himself has a fool for a doctor.”
Yep… that would be me.

I experienced reoccurring knee pain for several years. I convinced myself that it was the result of a “maturing” body. I thought that the right exercise or magical lotion would somehow correct my condition. As I got older the painless intervals became shorter and the pain went from an annoyance to a disability.

Mike Smith

I was born and raised in the small town of Arab, Alabama. I have always been a very active person, playing baseball in high school and college and then continuing to play on numerous baseball and softball teams as an adult.

I now own a 40-acre farm with lots of cattle. I continued staying in shape by running and bicycling three to four times a week. I remained very active until about two years ago. I started having severe pain in my legs and also began having difficulty walking, raising and bending my legs and even just performing normal daily routines.

Ed Green

I had been putting off having my hip replaced for too long. It was a very scary thing to think about, but after asking many people, Dr. Jeffrey Davis's name kept coming up with people who had good luck with their replacement.

I made an appointment to see Dr. Davis and felt very comfortable after my visit, making the commitment to have the procedure done.