Leg Injury/Condition

Leg Injury/Condition

John Barron

The day started out as a typical summer Saturday in August, 2019 for my family and me out riding our boat at Lake Martin. But then, I was standing on the back about to wake surf when I slipped off and fell backwards, injuring my left leg.

After the accident, I wasn’t in too much pain, but my left leg was immobile. All I could do was lay around until I was able to be seen by a doctor. My family and I have been to Andrews Sports Medicine in the past and have been very pleased with our experiences, so I decided to make an appointment with them again.

Todd Shrewsbury

In August 2017, our family moved to Leeds, AL from Roanoke, VA. Our youngest son, Todd, is an avid 14 year-old basketball player. Todd's priorities are: God first, basketball second. He LOVES basketball!

Todd made the Leeds Middle School basketball team soon after we arrived in Alabama. Next, he chose #5 as his jersey number from one of his favorite Bible verses, Matthew 5:16. "In the same way, let your light shine before others, that they may see your good deeds and glorify your Father in heaven."

Stephanie Wilkins

I'm a climber, I'm a trail runner, I'm a hiker, I'm a mountain biker, I'm a kayaker, I fly fish, etc., I'm a LOVER OF ADVENTURE AND THE OUTDOORS! On March 12, 2015, I fell 25 feet while rock climbing in Chattanooga, TN. I was quickly transported via ambulance to the ER at Erlanger Hospital and as I entered as a Level 2 Trauma, I had severe pain in my left leg/foot/heel, right foot/heel, numbness in back (two of my vertebrae), severe pain in my right and left arms (specifically my elbows), chest pain, and difficulty breathing.

Blake Holsonback

I have had a passion for football since I could walk. It has been something that I love and enjoy doing. I've played just about every sport you can think of, but football stuck with me. I started playing when I was just 4 years old, and I've played ever since. 

My biggest fear was getting hurt in anyway. I didn't want anything to come between me and my first love. My freshman year in high school was the first time I had ever been injured. I fractured my L5-S1 in the lower portion of my back. Even though that was pretty bad, the worst was yet to come.