Shoulder/Labrum Tear

Shoulder/Labrum Tear

Owen Risner

I have played football and basketball throughout my time at Wayne County High School. During my first football game of the season on Friday, August 18, 2017, my team was going for a two-point conversion when my shoulder got hit running through the end zone.

Don Hall

Dr. Emblom saw me in with a very severe shoulder tear to the point of my shoulder drooping. He scheduled me in for the procedure and set up my rehab to follow.

The job he and his staff did on me got me back to doing what I was doing before. I'm back to working out with weights, golf and playing handball again.

Thanks Doc! Owe you large!

Jonathan Wilson

 My dream as a child was to follow in my father's footsteps and become a career firefighter. After years of success in the retail field and becoming unhappy with my career choices I was living with regret.

I finally decided to pusue my dream at the age of 37. After trying for 7 years I got the job, but there was still recruit school to complete. At the end of week 1, while doing pullups during physical training, I felt a pop in my shoulder and my arm went numb. I finished the day, but realized  something wasn't right on the way home.

Greg Dodson

Dr. Steven Nichols did a fantastic job repairing my right shoulder. I had multiple tears in my rotator cuff, a tear in my bicep, plus a torn labrum. He did this arthroscopically. I was at rehab within 24 hours and was able to shower too! My physical therapists are amazed of my progress! I used 2 pain pills in the 1st 12 hours of the surgery and none after that! I am glad that I chose Andrews Sports Medicine and Dr. Steven Nichols for my surgery! Thank you Dr. Nichols!

Haasan Hawthorne

Our oldest son, Hasaan, was born without tibias, the large, lower leg bones that allow us to stand. When Hasaan was 4 months old, we were faced with a terrifying decision: allow Hasaan’s useless legs and feet to grow or amputate them at the knees. We chose amputation and after ten months of riding around on Tonka trucks, Hasaan received the first in a long line of prosthetic legs. At the advice of Hasaan’s doctor, we made the decision to let our son learn the hard way: by stumbling through life on his own.

Scotty Brand

I have been suffering from shoulder pain for 4 or 5 years and finally got to the point where I had to do something. I went to see Dr. Benton Emblom and he diagnosed me with a tear in the labrum as well as arthritis. He performed the surgery about the middle of April and I was concerned because we had a big family vacation planned for the last of May. After my surgery and with Dr. Emblom stressing how important rehab was, I was determined to do exactly as I was told.

Blake Holsonback

I have had a passion for football since I could walk. It has been something that I love and enjoy doing. I've played just about every sport you can think of, but football stuck with me. I started playing when I was just 4 years old, and I've played ever since. 

My biggest fear was getting hurt in anyway. I didn't want anything to come between me and my first love. My freshman year in high school was the first time I had ever been injured. I fractured my L5-S1 in the lower portion of my back. Even though that was pretty bad, the worst was yet to come.