Broken Finger

Broken Finger

Rileigh Marlow

We want to take a minute to tell Dr. Kathleen McKeon at Andrews Sports Medicine & Orthopaedic Center how grateful we are to you for providing our daughter state-of-the-art care. 

Ella Kampakis

Congrats to Ella on a fully-healed finger. And thank you to Dr. McKeon of Andrews Sports Medicine for doing an excellent surgery.

I love how my daughter experienced healing at the hands of a smart, sharp, and amiable female doctor. It was great for Ella to witness firsthand how women can share their talents in profound and impactful ways.

Lots of important lessons learned in the last two months, and I'm grateful for how the story played out.

Kari Kampakis




Bradley Sebren

In February of 2016, my son, Bradley Sebren, broke his finger while playing the sport he loves, baseball. He thought his season was over when he was told it would require surgery and screws. That is when he met Dr. Kathleen McKeon. She saw him on one day and performed surgery the very next day. She also reassured him that she would have him back with his team before the end of the season and that he just needed to trust her. I am so glad we did!