Rotator Cuff Repair

 Rotator Cuff Repair

Brian Darby

In early 2015, I was playing golf and somehow tweaked my right shoulder.

It was not long before simple tasks, like shaving and combing my hair, became unbearable. My shoulder pain even kept me up at night. I was in immense pain and could not control the pain, even with strong medications. 

Keith Hall

I injured my rotator cuff for a second time. l was told by another physician that l was too old to have my rotator cuff surgically repaired. The doctor compared it to putting a new patch on a old pair of jeans.

I was put in contact with Dr. Jeffery Dugas who told me he could have my arm spinning like a propeller in about 6 months. Three  years later, I'm retired and swimming 3 -5 miles a week with no problems.

Thanks Dr. Dugas for doing an excellent job!

Don Hall

Dr. Emblom saw me in with a very severe shoulder tear to the point of my shoulder drooping. He scheduled me in for the procedure and set up my rehab to follow.

The job he and his staff did on me got me back to doing what I was doing before. I'm back to working out with weights, golf and playing handball again.

Thanks Doc! Owe you large!

Vickie Cowen

In the fall of 2012, I began experiencing intense pain in my right shoulder. I decided to do some research online and found Dr. Lyle Cain in Birmingham.

I called and made an appointment with Dr. Cain. He performed a physical exam and suggested an MRI. After reviewing the MRI, Dr. Cain confirmed I had a tear in my right rotator cuff. Soon after, Dr. Cain performed rotator cuff repair surgery. Following months of intense rehab, the pain and discomfort were completely gone.