IT Band Syndrome

IT Band Syndrome

Adam Keller

I am a cross country and track distance runner at the University of South Alabama. I had IT band surgery and removal of the bursa sac on 12/30/19 by Dr. Benton Emblom.

He was able to correct the issue I was having and got me back on my feet quicker than I expected. I was able to start running 4 months later and just ran my first race in over a year and a half last week.

Thank you to Dr. Emblom for getting me back to the starting line!

Brittney Crain

I'm a long distance runner. You know, I'm the one who, in her mid-twenties (after recovering from a hip injury that Dr. Emblom fixed), decided to run a half marathon...then a marathon...and kept on running. Training has never been easy for me. I battled injuries, particularly IT band syndrome, from the time I started training for my first half.