Meniscus Tear

 Meniscus Tear

Tristan Hopgood

My son, Tristan, had meniscus surgery on both knees, left (2015) and right (2016). Dr. Jeffrey Dugas did both surgeries. We drove 5+ hours for both and would again if needed (hopefully not) because he is so worth it. 

Dr. Dugas had my son doing PT the very next day and he was back to playing baseball (he is a catcher) within 6 weeks.

Dr. Dugas is AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I would highly recommend him and do so.

Colleen Hopgood

Katie Allen

I am a very active mother to four sons, whom are also very active. In September 2017 while running during a CrossFit class, I noticed some very uncomfortable knee pain. I stopped, rested several days, ice, anti- inflammatory medications, then some stretching... it just persisted.

Shelton Aycock

I am Shelton Aycock from Madison, MS. Growing up, I loved what most boys do, sports. If I wasn't playing a sport, I was always on our family farm helping in any way I could. I grew up playing football, baseball, basketball, and track.

Lindsey Click

I started doing competitive cheerleading in 5th grade and instantly fell in love with it. I always loved to tumble, but I had a love/hate relationship with fulls. I could never completely pull through, and it was very frustrating.

Geoff Langdon

Growing up in New York City, I fell in love with boxing and was active in the sport through my teens. In my 20’s, I moved to Alabama and have called this great state home for 40+ years. Fortunately, I’ve remained very active during my adult life, playing competitive sports and experiencing the positive benefits and satisfaction of living a healthy lifestyle. 

Jeff Tomko

One week prior to moving from Ohio to Alabama for a new job assignment, I was playing basketball with my 15 year old twin sons. I felt a pop in my right knee when I stretched to retrieve a ball from going out of bounds. My wife would tell you that I should not be playing pick up basketball at the age of 49!

An MRI later revealed that I had torn my meniscus, and surgery was required.

I was referred to Andrews Sports Medicine by a neighbor, made an appointment with Dr. Flanagan who performed my meniscus repair surgery.

Katie Wilson

I was an 8th grader playing jr. high basketball. My dad is the coach of the Winfield varsity girl's basketball team. My dream at the time was to play for my dad one day.

Lauren O'Dell

Since I was 9-years-old, I have pitched and played softball year round. It was always my dream to play softball in college. After my 7th grade year, I moved to another school in my county. I had to sit out a year from playing because of eligibility rules. I continued to practice with the softball, basketball and volleyball teams.

Rian Brown

My daughter, Rian, began playing softball at four years old. Over the years, her talent excelled with her passion for the sport. Rian began playing for Springville High School her freshman year, but that was not enough. She spent her summers playing travel ball and exchanged flip-flops and shorts for cleats and mud-stained pants.