Knee Replacement

Knee Replacement

Larry Eads

I have a small farm in Carbon Hill, AL where I raise cows and grow hay. Everything on the farm requires me to use my knees, so I started having a lot of issues over time because of my arthritis.

A few years ago, I had my right knee replaced by an orthopaedic surgeon in our area. When I started feeling similar pain in my left knee, I knew I wanted to visit a different doctor for the surgery, hoping for a better experience.

Norman Bonds

I've been suffering with knee issues since high school days (1980's). After 3 year of college football, over 15 years of softball, working everyday on concrete and coaching youth sports for over 28 years, my left knee was worn out.

My first experience at Andrews Sports Medicine included walking into the center and only waiting 5 minutes before being attended to w/ X-rays. The initial consulting doctor, Dr. Ricardo Colberg, gave me the feeling I was at the right place.

Jane Burgett

Dr. James A. Flanagan literally gave me my life back. In 2014, he replaced my right hip. In 2015, he gave me a new right knee. There is no way that I can praise this highly-skilled and caring surgeon enough.

If you are listening Dr. Flanagan, I love you and your staff, and although I hope I never need your services again, you will be the first one I call if and when I do. Please say hello to the ladies for me. I'm dancing again!! Thank you!

Ann Brice

In retirement, I have strived to continue staying active and enjoy playing horseshoes and shuffleboard. My knees began to wear out over time. In 2011, I became aware that Dr. Jeffrey Davis had replaced the knees of a legendary University of Alabama QB, so I scheduled an appointment with him.

Dr. Davis replaced my left knee in 2011 and it was a very successful surgery. A year after the first surgery, I competed in the Masters Games of Alabama and won gold medal in shuffleboard.  

Carey Pearson

For nearly 20 years, I suffered with severe pain and discomfort in both knees, and had trouble walking. My exercise routine consisted of 9-holes of golf, while wearing knee braces. In 2013, my wife recommended I visit Dr. Sam Goldstein. Soon after, Dr. Goldstein replaced my right knee. Nearly 2 1/2 years later, Dr. Goldstein replaced my left knee. Today, I am pain free, back to jogging, and can play golf all day. Thanks to Dr. Sam Goldstein & his staff for improving my quality of life!