Ligament Injury/Condition

Ligament Injury/Condition

Ali Close

I started playing volleyball at the age of 12 and have been playing the sport ever since.

Unfortunately, nothing has come easy for me on the volleyball court the last few years, but that has not stopped me from making the most of my chances.

The first sign of trouble came when I sprained my left ankle in January,2015 during the club season of my sophomore year at Spain Park High School.

Rachel Russell

On September 19, 2012 at about 1:45 PM, I experienced a terrible fall at home from an elevated wood platform. My ankle hit the side of the platform and immediately broke in several places. Ligaments were detached. After calling my husband and being taken to the ER at St Vincent's, my son and daughter in law helped connect me to Andrews Sports Medicine and specifically Dr. Waldrop. He had just arrived at the practice and specialized in foot and ankle surgery.