Hip Injury/Condition

 Hip Injury/Condition

Krystye Dalton

It all began ten years ago. I slipped and fell inside my son’s school. I saw my primary care physician who prescribed physical therapy, but my hip continued to bother me.

Three years later, I realized that I had started walking differently and my body even adapted to run in a strange way. I saw an orthopedic physician in Chattanooga where I live. He recommended that I have my hip replaced. 

Tammy Patterson

Making an appointment with Dr. Rachel Henderson is the greatest choice I have made in a long time. I could not walk without serve hip pain.

After seeing Dr. Henderson and going to physical therapy, I have no PAIN AT ALL.

Thank you so very much to Dr. Henderson and her staff. During my interaction with them, they were all very polite and professional. 

Everyone I know with any kind of orthopedic problem, I am going to refer to Dr. Henderson.

Brandi Monk

 I’ve pretty much had issues with both my hips my whole life. I had my first hip surgery in 6th grade.

In 2010, I suffered a labral tear and continued to have problems with it ever since. I went to my local orthopaedic doctor for him to repair the torn labrum. In October 2017, I noticed my hip was acting up again, so I had another surgery to help repair the labral tear. I was in physical therapy for six weeks and I was still not feeling very good about my hip.

Bill & Freda Harwell


In early 2015 I began experiencing excruciating pain in my right hip, which increased to the point that I couldn't walk well, couldn't play golf, nor do other normal every day activities. I saw my primary care doctor as well as an orthopedic, and tried anti-inflammatory medication along with physical therapy, none of which brought relief.

Bryan Hendrix

About 4 years ago I thought I had pulled my groin muscle playing a game of pick-up basketball. It would start to feel better, but every few months it would start hurting again, so I figured I just aggravated it.


Hector Cora

In August of 2016, after experiencing severe pain and loss of strength from what I thought was a groin pull, I finally visited Andrews Sports Medicine two years after my initial injury. I had previously visited doctors where I live in Atlanta, but none of them had recommendations for the cause of pain or relief of my symptoms. 

Luke Baker

I have played sports my entire life and have experienced my fair share of injuries. I have had numerous broken bones, but in the summer before my senior year of high school, I experienced an injury that I knew was very different.