Broken Arm

Broken Arm

John Allgood

Dr. Lyle Cain repaired my fractured scapula/humerus head fracture. I suffered the major injury in a bike accident.

Dr. Cain fully repaired/rebuilt the scapula and repaired the humerus fracture. Following the injury/repair I have regained full motion and returned to play golf as low handicap player within 6 months of injury repair. I shot my age (65) three years after the surgery repair.

Cole Collins

Our family is so grateful for Dr. Benton Emblom & Dr. Lyle Cain. Cole received 4 surgeries within 3 1/2 years.

The second time he broke his arm, he had reconstructive surgery to replace the rods and screws from the previous surgery. Dr. Emblom was gracious enough to ask if we were okay with Dr. Cain assisting him during surgery; of course we said, YES! We felt so blessed that God sent us to the BEST doctors whom took excellent care of Cole. They were determined, as was Cole, to get him back to the game of baseball that he loves.