Spine Fusion

Spine Fusion

Barbara Justice

After six previous cervical spine surgeries performed by neurosurgeons, and a thoracic outlet surgery for chronic neck pain with no relief since 2008, I was told I would just have to live with the pain.

I refused to accept this! I knew something within my neck wasn't right. I began to research orthopedic surgeons after my niece in Florida had a high level of success with her cervical fusion done by an orthopedic surgeon.

Jimmy “Bo” Reynolds

My story is more like a journey through time. I have experienced back-related issues ever since my first back injury while serving in the military. For many years I was feeling great, until another injury affected my back. At that point, my days were spent in survival mode. 

My daily routine was simple - get up, go to work, come home, eat dinner, sit - and then repeat all over again the next day. I was trying so hard not to do anything that would aggravate my back in order to go to work pain free. 

Jennifer Wallace

For several years I suffered with lower back and leg pain. I attended formal physical therapy and continued to home rehab and at-home isometrics with some benefits. Unfortunately, the pain progressed. I was constantly in pain. Standing and moving around helped more than sitting, and I would get a little relief by lying down. I am a school nurse and with pain in both legs and my lower back made it difficult to work some days.

David Echols

It had been many years that I had been suffering from low back pain and sciatic attacks, many trips to urgent care centers and sometimes even to emergency rooms. I had sought treatment at my usual orthopedist and while he did see some issue with degenerative discs, he felt I was too young and that the situation was not serious enough to go through any type surgery. His only offer of treatment was pain blocks which I had several of but they did not cure my problem they only delayed the return of the pain and the sciatic issues.

Michael Everette

After years of back problems and a previous surgery on my back in 1997, I had to come back to see Dr. Steven Nichols. As of November of 2015 (after 3 back surgeries), I am very thankful for Dr. Nichols and his team for the outstanding job. Once again, thanks!!!!

James LeDoux

I visited Andrews Sports Medicine after having multiple operations on the same disc in my back. I had the same issue with my back for almost 20 years with the first surgery when I was 21 and have had to see multiple providers in the treatment plan. It had gotten to the point of limiting my activities where I could not even participate in any activities with my 3 small children.

Jeffrey Tapley

I had already had three unsuccessful microdiscectomies before I met Dr. Andrew Cordover. He and his staff helped me get back to the lifestyle and activity level I was use to prior to having the back injury.

Dr. Cordover performed a two level lumbar fusion and gave me my life back. He also gave my 75-year old his dad back. Words will never be able to express my graditude for Dr. Cordover and his staff. 

Cory Moon

My name is Cory D. Moon. I am a Captain for Birmingham Fire & Rescue Service. I have 15 years of service. Prior to Dr. Cordover performing ALIF Surgery (Anterior Lumbar Interbody Fusion) on me, I had been suffering with back pain (bulging discs) for 15 years.