Elbow Injury/Condition

 Elbow Injury/Condition

Daniel Stewart

My name is Robin Stewart and I am from Hazel Green, Alabama. My son, Daniel, is very passionate about baseball and we are a huge baseball family. So, when Daniel was injured in February of 2018 during freshman year of his high school baseball season, he thought his world was ending.

Daniel, who plays catcher, was warming up for a junior varsity high school game. After making a warm-up throw to second base, he turned to me and said, “Mom, I heard it pop.” I was thinking there was no possible way.

Christopher Chaney

My 18-year-old son, Christopher, graduated from high school in the spring of 2019. This fall Chris will be attending the University of Maryland as a student-athlete and member of the Terrapins baseball team.

Carolyn Carter

My daughter, Carolyn, who recently completed her junior year at Prattville Christian Academy, plays 3rd base for the Lady Panthers softball team. Unfortunately, she started experiencing elbow pain towards the end of the 2018 regular season.

Hayden Henderson

During my senior season of high school softball, I tore the UCL in my elbow. Dr. Emblom was there for me to do Tommy John surgery. I was able to go forth with my college softball scholarship at Auburn University at Montgomery. My freshman year, I started as the rightfielder and our team we went on to win the 2015 NAIA Softball National Championship in Sioux City, Iowa.

I love everyone that works in the Andrews office and Dr. Emblom because of the friendliness and kindness he has for his patients.

Jake Maples

I had an elbow injury in the fall of 2012 that ended my highly competitive baseball pitching career.

I took up golf in the spring of 2013, my freshman year in high school. I played well and always made the scoring team but my elbow still hurt - not when I was playing golf, but all the time.