Spine Injury/Condition

Spine Injury/Condition

Jennifer Wallace

For several years I suffered with lower back and leg pain. I attended formal physical therapy and continued to home rehab and at-home isometrics with some benefits. Unfortunately, the pain progressed. I was constantly in pain. Standing and moving around helped more than sitting, and I would get a little relief by lying down. I am a school nurse and with pain in both legs and my lower back made it difficult to work some days.

Diane Reed

At the age of 61, I have had a history of rheumatoid arthritis. In addition, a recent fall resulted in me twisting my right knee. I started having some popping and swelling in my knee with weightbearing activities, which caused constant pain and discomfort when sitting.

Ronald Dyer

I’m almost 72 now, and very modestly state that younger men can not believe my physical condition and abilities.

In early 2011, I could barely walk. Dr. Benton Emblom stated my MRI showed bone-on-bone degenerative condition in my left knee. He performed total knee replacement on a Monday morning and I returned to work Thursday afternoon as a construction superintendent on a large school build project.

John Bennett

My name is John Bennett and I have lived my entire life in Anniston, AL. I believe Dr. Steven Nichols saved my life on November 6, 2018.

I have been physically active since my 30’s, consistently working out and running 4 days per week. My entire life, I’ve been healthy with no health issues.

Clint Enfinger

After six back surgeries, I was beginning to think lumbar back pain was here to stay. During my first visit with Dr. Andrew Cordover, he ordered testing to determine the cause of my lumbar back pain and tingling/numbness in my legs and feet. The problem was identified, and after reviewing with Dr. Cordover, surgery was scheduled.

Dave Westbrook

I want to thank Dr. Steven Nichols and everyone at Andrews Sports Medicine and Orthopaedic Center. They are a great bunch of down to earth folks, always smiling, and the nicest people you could have care for you! From the ladies in imaging all the way to surgery!