Neck Injury/Condition

Neck Injury/Condition

Karla West

My experience with Andrews Sports Medicine from start to finish - from the making of my first appointment, to the staff and doctors was nothing short of first class! They were very efficient and thorough! We knew that we were in the right place to get the problem solved!

Walter Meyer

In April of 2016, after many months of suffering arm and neck pain, numbness, and tingling, I went to my primary care physician. He suggested an MRI which did show a small tear in the shoulder area.

 I'd heard good things about Andrews Sports Medicine, so I scheduled an appointment with Dr. Jeffrey Dugas. Dr. Dugas felt my pain was not from the shoulder, but from the neck and set up an appointment for me with Dr. Andrew Cordover.

Dean Greenleaf

I had a bulging disc in my neck and was in major pain in my shoulder and arm. My primary care physician (in Pell City) referred me to Dr. Cordover. This man is amazing! Dr. Cordover explained the process of the surgery to me and I went through with it. I am thankful that I did, as I feel amazing! Thank you to Dr. Cordover and his the staff for all they have done for me.