Shoulder Injury/Condition

Shoulder Injury/Condition

Sarah Huddle

I hurt my shoulder during softball practice on a Friday. There is a hysterical video of my accident but that is another story...My shoulder was hurting all weekend. Dr. Chris Carter fit me in first thing Monday morning. I was worried about missing too much school but they got me in and out the door in record time!

Walter Meyer

In April of 2016, after many months of suffering arm and neck pain, numbness, and tingling, I went to my primary care physician. He suggested an MRI which did show a small tear in the shoulder area.

 I'd heard good things about Andrews Sports Medicine, so I scheduled an appointment with Dr. Jeffrey Dugas. Dr. Dugas felt my pain was not from the shoulder, but from the neck and set up an appointment for me with Dr. Andrew Cordover.

Freddie Tate

While playing golf, I was injured when I fell down a steep slope on my right shoulder. It was a bad fall, resulting in stretched ligaments and a bump on my shoulder. Dr. Cain said the injury was a little worse than expected. 

Two of your employees, Kirby K. and Tina L. were very instrumental in having Dr. Cain and Dr. Waldrop do two surgeries the same day. Dr. Waldrop took some scar tissue out of a toe I had previously had surgery on.