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Dr. James R. Andrews - A living legend, an icon, a mentor, a godfather of sports medicine, and a humble orthopaedic surgeon

“I remember that night, I was counting up on the Super Bowl rosters for those two teams and I had 22 players combined on the Colts and Saints that I had operated on playing in the Super Bowl, which is pretty amazing and I said, “Oh my God, how did I get here?” – Dr. James R. Andrews

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Andrews Sports Medicine's Victory Over Injury Podcast Series explores the depths and peels back the layers of the often overlooked and largely unknown side of sports medicine: INJURY - digging into recovery and the mindset it takes to achieve victory over injury.

In the premiere episode of Victory Over Injury presented by Andrews Sports Medicine, Dr. Michael K. Ryan takes a special deep dive into the life, career, experience, and wisdom of the world’s most well-renowned orthopaedic surgeon, Dr. James Andrews

Born from humble roots in small-town Louisiana, Dr. Andrews followed familial influence to become a driven, innovative, energetic orthopaedic surgeon.  He helped craft and define the modern team physician, and helped pioneer the biggest revolution in sports medicine history - arthroscopic surgery.  His passionate investment in his relationships with athletic trainers, physical therapists, coaches, and athletes and their family members is unique and inspiring.

His influence in the sphere of sports medicine is vast, his impact immeasurable, and his congeniality unmatched.  A living legend, an icon, a mentor, a godfather of sports medicine, and a humble orthopaedic surgeon...Dr. James Andrews.

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A special thank you to our producer, Ed Hill, and our intern, James Harris, UAB School of Medicine (Class of 2023) for helping make this podcast series possible.

Episode Notes
  • 00:04:50 Growing up in Louisiana
  • 00:11:10 – Keys to being a successful team physician
  • 00:13:00 Relationship with athletic trainers & physical therapists
  • 00:15:20 Compassion, communication & availability
  • 00:16:38 – Importance of mentorship
  • 00:21:47 – The early years in Columbus, Georgia
  • 00:25:42 Colleges currently covered by Andrews Sports Medicine 
  • 00:26:37 Transitions in the field of sports medicine – open to arthroscopic procedures
  • 00:29:20 The move to Birmingham, Alabama
  • 00:32:40 Hiring of Drs. Lyle Cain, Jeff Dugas & Benton Emblom
  • 00:34:34 – The move to Gulf Breeze, Florida
  • 00:37:19 Kevin Wilk, George McCluskey & Tab Blackburn - importance of physical therapists
  • 00:40:30 Treatment of Drew Brees
  • 00:42:00  Relationship with Coach Nick Saban
  • 00:45:56 New Orleans Saints
  • 00:47:00 Drew Brees, Peyton Manning & Super Bowl XLIV
  • 00:48:05 Development of his patient-care philosophy
  • 01:01:27 – Family, longevity & legacy
  • 01:04:32 – ASMI: youth sports injuries & prevention
  • 01:13:00 – Tom Brady - importance of rest & being a multi-sport youth athlete
  • 01:16:15 – Treatment of Roger Clemens
  • 01:17:47 – Biggest failures & lessons learned
  • 01:18:57 – Owning up to your mistakes
  • 01:22:20 – Too many to count & not enough to quit
  • 01:23:17 – Treatment of Jack Nicklaus
  • 01:25:50 – Treatment of Adrian Peterson - return to play
  • 01:28:51 – Biologics - the next revelation in sports medicine & orthopaedic surgery
  • 01:33:10 – "Tarzen" helped me become an SEC pole vault champion at LSU
  • 01:36:04 – Who is Dr. James Andrews?


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