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My name is Allison Howard and I am a rising senior on the Samford University Women’s Golf Team. I experienced two separate surgeries on my left wrist and many back injuries over the years prior to being treated at Andrews Sports Medicine.

During my freshman year at Samford I re-injured my wrist at a college tournament. I knew my wrist was injured, but I refused to make it official with a doctor. Finally, Logan Spiers, who was our Samford University athletic trainer at the time, told me, “You can either see this as another setback, or another comeback. The choice is yours, and I believe you’ll make the right one.”

Logan was right. I decided to take many different visits to Dr. Kathleen McKeon to try anything and everything before the last resort- surgery. Unfortunately, it came down to surgery when nothing else seemed to work. We set the date, and I prepped for surgery.

Dr. McKeon was the most calming and caring doctor I have ever had. Out of all the surgeries I have had, she assured me I was going to be just fine. Before I knew it, I was out of surgery, seeing my teammates again, and in the recovery process.

I only had about three or four different check-ups after surgery, but there is one thing I had said to Dr. McKeon that still sticks with me. I said to her, “Dr. McKeon, I told my mom before this last visit that I do not want to be released because I will miss you.” I then proceeded with a joke, “maybe you should just not clear me.” We all laughed.

I was cleared that day and set free to slowly work my way back into golf. When I came back from winter break I was able to practice and play with my teammates. I missed them very much and I felt so blessed to be back out there with them. I only played in two regular season tournaments that spring season, but I was ready to fully recover so I could play in summer tournaments.

Sure enough, I played in my first summer tournament and I did much better than I had expected. My recovery time was not quick, but it was necessary. Now that I’m playing in summer events, I’m using it as an opportunity to bring myself back to my teammates for this upcoming fall season.

Thank you to Dr. McKeon, Logan Spiers, and everyone who was a part of my comeback story. I cannot wait to tear it up with my Bulldogs again!

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