Hip Center

The Hip Center at Andrews Sports Medicine provides the most advanced, comprehensive treatment solutions for disorders of the hip joint.

We are here to help you get your hips back in motion

At the Hip Center at Andrews Sports Medicine,  our non-surgical sports medicine physicians and orthopaedic surgeons take a team approach to diagnose and identify the best form of treatment for hip injuries, disorders, and chronic conditions based on each patient’s unique situation.

Our team of experts are strong advocates for the “comprehensive hip care” concept, treating men and women of all ages, suffering with a broad range of hip conditions that can occur at any stage of life. Our approach to treating hip disease recognizes the wide variety of disorders, the diverse patient population afflicted with these disorders and the full spectrum of contemporary treatment options.

Using the the latest technologies and techniques, including minimally-invasive and robotic-assisted procedures, our team of experts provide a personalized treatment plan for each patient. When necessary, we coordinate with other trusted providers, like athletic trainers and physical therapists to help you recover faster and return to your sport, activity or passion as quickly and safely as possible.

Our center classifies hip disorders into two categories:

1. Non-Arthritic Hip Disorders/Hip Preservation - Generally soft tissue injuries or conditions that can be caused by acute events or chronic/repetitive injuries.

Benton A. Emblom, MD – Orthopaedic surgeon specializing in non-arthritic hip disorders/hip preservation procedures

2. Arthritic Hip Disorders - There are many types of arthritis, but osteoarthritis is the most common. Also known as degenerative joint disease or age-related arthritis, osteoarthritis is more likely to develop as people get older. Osteoarthritis occurs when inflammation and injury to a joint cause a breaking down of cartilage tissue.

Jeffrey C. Davis, MD
– Orthopaedic surgeon specializing in hip resurfacing/replacement
K. David Moore, MD
– Orthopaedic surgeon specializing in hip replacement

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Conditions We Treat

  • Avascular necrosis (Osteonecrosis) of the Hip
  • Bursitis of the hip (Trochanteric Bursitis)
  • Femoroacetabular impingement (FAI)
  • Hip dysplasia
  • Hip impingement

  • Labral tear of the hip
  • Osteoarthritis of the hip
  • Piriformis syndrome
  • Snapping hip
  • Sports hernia

Treatments We Offer

Non-Arthritic Hip Treatment Solutions:

  • Physical therapy
  • Injections
  • Hip arthroscopy surgery
  • Hip preservation surgery
  • Periacetabular osteotomy (PAO)
  • Sports hernia surgery

Arthritic Treatment Solutions:

  • Viscosupplementation injection
  • Hip resurfacing surgery
  • Hip replacement surgery
    • Mako SmartRobotics™ total hip replacement
    • Minimally invasive hip replacement – direct anterior approach
    • Minimally invasive hip replacement – direct superior approach