Jeffrey C. Davis, MD

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Dr. Jeffrey Davis
Jeffrey C. Davis, MD
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  • Jeffrey C. Davis, MD
  • Jeffrey C. Davis, MD

Dr. Jeffrey Davis was born in Decatur, AL and his family moved to Atlanta when he was 7 years-old. He attended Georgia Tech, playing football for 3 years before a knee injury ended his collegiate athletic career. Following undergraduate graduation, he received an Air Force scholarship for medical school at the Medical College of Georgia.

His orthopedic surgical training was performed at the well-known and respected Campbell Clinic in Memphis, TN. Following the completion of his orthopedic residency, Dr. Davis served in the Air Force as an orthopedic surgeon. During his military service, he achieved the rank of Major and received an achievement medal.

Dr. Davis came to Birmingham in 1995 to join Dr. Andrews at Alabama Sports Medicine. He has been practicing in Birmingham since that time while treating and operating on thousands of patients.

Dr. Davis has an interest in minimizing exposures for joint replacement and performing procedures limiting bone removal, particularly for younger patients. He has developed the largest hip resurfacing practice and has the most experience of any surgeon in the region, performing more than 500+ hip resurfacing procedures since 2008. The results to date show high levels of satisfaction and patients returning to active lifestyles. The failure rate has been <1% in hip resurfacing over the nine years.

Dr. Davis is one of the first surgeons in Birmingham to utilize Stryker's Mako System, utilizing highly-advanced robotic-arm assisted technology, to personalize total knee, partial knee and total hip replacement procedures to each patient.

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