Mike Haynes

Springville, AL

I had been diagnosed with degenerative joint disease of the left hip back in 2006. I believe it all started with a snow skiing accident in the early 1980's. I was told at the time of diagnosis that when it got to where the pain was sufficient, I would most likely need a hip replacement.

For about 15 years I just lived with the pain and the limited range of motion issues. I was thinking the longer I can endure this, the more perfected the procedure and materials used will be.

Well, it finally got to the point where something had to give. I had made it until 2021. I made an appointment with Dr. Jeffrey Davis.

My wife insisted I use Andrews Sports Medicine, as she had used them back in 2011 for a rotator cuff tear (Dr. Jeffrey Dugas). Dr. Davis confirmed that my left hip was shot and needed to be replaced.

He explained the anterior approach of my hip replacement surgery and what to expect with the whole process. It was a surprise to find out that it would be outpatient surgery!

It took only a week or so to walk around confidently without the aids of a walker or cane. Within 3 weeks I was feeling better than I had in years and I wish I had gotten the new hip sooner.

I'm back to golf, motorcycles, flying and riding the tractor along with many other activities without the associated hip pain!

Dr. Davis and everyone we came in contact with at Andrews Sports Medicine were a pleasure to deal with. The whole process and office is run like a well-oiled machine. Thank you to all that had a part in my surgical experience. God Bless.

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