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It all started back in 2014, when I was living overseas in China at the time. One day my hip started bothering me. It continued to get worse and by Fall of that year, I could barely walk. I moved back to Birmingham around that time and knew that Andrews Sports Medicine was the best in the business. It was my first time at Andrews, and I was not there for pain medicine or an easy fix. My goal was to make sure things were done right.

I saw Dr. Jeffrey Davis and he diagnosed me with Avascular Necrosis of the Femoral Head. I was only 39 at the time and he suggested I wait a little while for a total hip replacement since I was still so young. He decided to do a decompression surgery to temporarily help until I would need the hip replacement. I had this done in October of 2014, just one week after my third child was born.

The surgery worked for a short while but not as long as I hoped. The pain got worse, and I knew I needed to have a more permanent fix so that I could live my life and be the kind of hands-on, active father I wanted to be. In the Spring of 2015 I was at Target, and I was limping from the pain. I had to swing my arms more than normal to help me walk. A mother with her small child approached me and asked if she could help me. With pride bruised, I gave Dr. Davis a call and told him I wanted to move forward with my first hip replacement.

Dr. Davis replaced my right hip in April of 2015.About 4 weeks after surgery, my left hip gave out while I was overseas again. I called Dr. Davis once again and he replaced my left hip a short time later. All of my surgery experiences with Dr. Davis and his team were absolutely wonderful! He is so personable and cares a lot about his patients. I never doubted whether or not my story would be one of success with Dr. Davis as my surgeon.

My recovery was really easy. Since I was still young, I was able to blaze through the protocols. Now even 10 years later, I can do any physical activity with ease. I’ve always had it on my bucket list to trek to Mount Everest Base Camp. I couldn’t even think of doing that when I was in pain from my hips, but now I can make that a reality. This year, I met with Dr. Davis once again to tell him about my plan and ask for his blessing. He was all for it and thought it was a great idea!

I have been training for many months getting my body ready for this accomplishment. I plan to make the trek to Mount Everest Base Camp in the Spring of 2024. Both of the surgeries I had truly changed my quality of life. From not being able to walk to being able to do anything, they have made it possible to achieve some of my dreams. I would have been in a wheelchair if it hadn't been for Dr. Davis and his team. I would absolutely recommend Andrews Sports Medicine to anyone needing orthopaedic care. They gave me my life back and helped me push I needed to reach my goals. Thank you, Dr. Davis and Andrews, for helping me achieve Victory Over Injury!

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