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My wife, Michele, and I live in Carrollton, GA. We both stay physically active, and spending time outdoors is very important to us. We train our black labs for competitions and hunting. We also love to spend time at our lake house on weekends on our pontoon boat.

Both Michele and I have been patients of Andrews Sports Medicine for more than a decade. My first experience with the practice was when Michele broke her ankle. Since then, our family has been crossing the AL/GA line for all of our orthopaedic treatments.

Michele became a patient of Dr. Jefferey Davis in January 2011. Long story short, Michele’s injury was a very complex situation with many variables – a bleeding disorder, treatment at MD Anderson Cancer Center in Houston, TX, a snowstorm in Carrollton resulting in Michele falling and being rushed to the local ER. I was surprised when we called Andrews to try and make an appointment that they scheduled Michele the next day. That experience ultimately resulted in Dr. Davis surgically repairing Michele’s broken tibia and fibia. If you have time, I invite you to read Michele’s Comeback Story.

Our 2011 experience with Dr. Davis solidified our “long-term relationship” with Andrews Sports Medicine. When I started having knee issues brought on by osteoarthritis, I wanted to be treated by Dr. Davis because of the first-class care Michele had received years earlier. For years, we were able to alleviate my pain with conservative, non-surgical treatment. Fast forward, I started having trouble with my left knee again and wanted to see Dr. Davis. He determined I needed a knee replacement. 

The morning of my surgery, I was very anxious and worried. The pre-op nurses had already prepped me for surgery and Dr. Davis came into my room to check in on me. Near the end of our conversation he said, “Can I pray with you?” Dr. Davis prayed over me, and immediately, all of the fear and anxiety disappeared, and I knew everything would be ok.

Dr. Davis performed my knee replacement surgery on a Monday (May 3rd) and by Wednesday, I had walked over 400 steps and was discharged. He referred me for therapy, and I went to Southern Therapy, local to Georgia. When I went to therapy that Friday, my therapist was so surprised that I didn’t have as much swelling as he normally sees. I was religious with my therapy and went to PT 3 times a week.

A few weeks later, I came back to see Dr. Davis for my final, post-op appointment. I asked if I could continue going to therapy and he wrote the order. When I asked him how I was progressing he said I was in the top 10% of recovery of all the knee replacements he has done. When I saw my therapist again, he reacted by saying he disagreed with him and that he thought I was in the top 1% of those he’s treated! Dr. Davis stated I was doing a great job keeping up with therapy and it would pay off.

My therapist noted I only had 2 incisions instead of 3 like he normally sees and a lot less swelling which made my recovery easier to manage. I continued with rehab and was able to get my range of motion back to normal. I continued with therapy until September! At this point I had done all the therapy I could, so I transitioned to going to the gym and building my strength. In October I went on a hunting trip to Michigan without problems. Then in November we traveled to South Dakota for a pheasant hunting trip with our labs. I walked for five days with no issues.

In early April 2023 Michele and I noticed on Andrews social media that Dr. Davis was hosting a joint pain seminar. Michele and I made the 2+ hour drive to Birmingham to attend the Victory Over Joint Pain Seminar that Dr. Davis hosted on April 14, 2023. At the end of the program, I stood up and I shared my story and experience with Dr. Davis. My wife and I have so much respect and appreciation for him and all that he has done for us.

On a side note, back in 2020, after a referral by Dr. Davis I had ankle surgery performed by Dr. Norman Waldrop, which also resulted in a very successful recovery and outcome. On the morning of my ankle surgery, I was surprised that Dr. Davis took the time to once again come into my pre-op room and ask to pray with me. I was very touched by his gesture. It showed us just how compassionate and caring he is about his patients.

After my knee surgery with Dr. Davis, I felt like I could get back to golfing with my grandson and hunting. It was all thanks to him and the amazing skill he has. Without hesitation I would strongly recommend Andrews. In fact, over the years we have referred family members and several friends as well. I tell anyone that will listen, “why would you not go to a place that has world-renowned surgeons where pro athletes and college players come from all over for treatment?” There is no question where I would go if I needed orthopaedic care. Thank you, Andrews Sports Medicine and Dr. Davis, for helping me achieve Victory Over Injury!

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