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When I semi-retired from practicing law 7 years ago, I started dedicating significantly more time to two hobbies in which I have a strong, lifetime passion - hunting and fishing.  

During the latter part of 2015, I started experiencing pain in my right shoulder, along with numbness and tingling in my right hand and arm. In early March of 2016, I attempted conservative treatment at the recommendation of Dr. Cherie Miner – everything from activity modification, physical therapy, to injections. Unfortunately, none of these forms of treatment provided significant relief.


In late April 2016, Dr. Miner referred me to Dr. Jeff Dugas for a surgical consult. After reviewing my MRI and conducting a physical exam, Dr. Dugas  confirmed a diagnosis of shoulder impingement, biceps tendinitis and possible carpal tunnel syndrome. Dr. Dugas recommended shoulder arthroscopy surgery to eliminate my shoulder pain. He also consulted with Dr. Kathleen McKeon about simultaneously performing a carpal tunnel release to eliminate the numbness and tingling in my right hand and arm.


During my consult, I made Dr. Dugas aware I am an avid outdoorsman, and I had already booked and paid for a hunting trip to open the waterfowl season in Manitoba, Canada, in late September, 2016. Dr. Dugas confidently assured me if I moved forward with the surgeries, my shoulder and arm would be 100% for my trip. So I didn’t hesitate in making the decision to move forward with both surgeries.    


On June 16, 2016, Dr. Dugas performed surgery on my right shoulder, and at the conclusion of the procedure Dr. McKeon performed carpal tunnel release surgery on my right hand. Both surgeries went well and I began physical therapy the very next day. During the first few weeks I had 3 physical therapy sessions per week, and then the sessions were reduced to twice per week. I was pleased with the progress and continued to have post-op visits with both Drs. Dugas and McKeon.


On September 12, Drs. Dugas & McKeon officially released me to full activity, with no restrictions. Two weeks later, we made our hunting trip to Manitoba. True to Dr. Dugas’ promise, my new shoulder worked great! For 5 days, we continued to shoot limits of geese each morning and ducks each afternoon. I had no problem shooting 3-inch, heavy load shells. A couple of weeks later I went to North Dakota to hunt waterfowl each morning and pheasants in the afternoon with equal success!


Obviously, I’m delighted with the results of Drs. Dugas and McKeon’s great surgical skill and your superb care. Thank you for getting this 75-year old avid wing shooter back in the field!!!!

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Jeffrey R. Dugas, MD
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Kathleen E. McKeon, MD
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