Bradley Wade

Town Creek, AL

Conditions + Treatments

Medical Icon Spine Injury/Condition

In 2005 I medically retired from the U.S. Army and returned to farming, which is something I’ve always been passionate about. I love to bale hay and run heavy equipment.

I have had a history of knee, back, and shoulder surgery in the past, but last year it really took over my life. I was unable to farm and had to hire some people to help me out.

At the end of July and into early August, I developed a back pain that caused me to be confined to my couch. My brother came to check on me and took me straight to my family doctor who quickly referred me to Dr. Steven Nichols.

Once I saw Dr. Nichols, he quickly got to the root of the problem. I was told I had two ruptured discs. We discussed my options from that point and I opted for the surgery because of my confidence in Dr. Nichols.

Once I had the surgery, I listened to the doctor and did exactly what he told me to. Dr. Nichols emphasized how important therapy and isometric exercises would be for me.

Since then, my back pain has become minor, and I even get to go out on the tractor every now and then. I’m able to do what I thought I never would again.

Dr. Nichols and his staff are awesome. They really care about their patients and it shows because they are very thorough with everything they do.

Dr. Nichols is a very down to earth guy and when it came down to it, we had a lot in common. He is a real person who has a genuine interest in his patients. Dr. Nichols can come eat supper with us whenever he wants!