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Bessemer, AL

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ACL Injury/Reconstruction
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  • Brady Nelson
  • Brady Nelson

My name is Brady Nelson, and I graduated from Oak Grove High School in 2023. I’ve played sports for as long as I can remember. In high school I played varsity golf and basketball.

During an away basketball game versus Sumiton Christian my senior year, I leaped into the air to block a shot, and as I landed I felt intense pain as my knee twisted. The diagnosis revealed a torn ACL and a partial meniscus tear, which felt like a major setback.

My basketball coach's wife, who's an ER nurse, was at the game. She realized the severity of my injury, and quickly assisted in getting me off the court and into our locker room to evaluate and and stabilize my leg. She also contacted our school's athletic trainer, Kendra Menghini, to make her aware of my injury.   

Kendra also assisted my family in scheduling an appointment with Dr. Jody Ortega and Dr. E. Lyle Cain. Just a few days later with their guidance, I had surgery with Dr. Cain and started a rigorous rehab program, determined to get back.

Post-surgery I started physical therapy, spending hours at ATI. The therapists were great and pushed me hard. I had my eyes set on getting back for golf season. After 2.5 months, I got the green light to run and jump again. It was a big milestone, even though basketball season had already come to an end.

Instead, I turned my focus back to golf, my true passion. I returned to the course and played in a couple of tournaments. Just two weeks after being cleared, I got to compete in the sectional golf tournament, in which I placed first. It was the result of all the hard work I put into my recovery.

Now, I'm getting ready to start my college golf career at Shelton State. The whole experience taught me the importance of being resilient and having a support system. I'm thankful for Dr. Ortega and Dr. Cain for believing in me and helping achieve victory over injury.

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