Brian Darby

Birmingham, AL

Conditions + Treatments

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In early 2015, I was playing golf and somehow tweaked my right shoulder.

It was not long before simple tasks, like shaving and combing my hair, became unbearable. My shoulder pain even kept me up at night. I was in immense pain and could not control the pain, even with strong medications. 

After living through the pain and discomfort for 3 months, I visited Dr. Steven Nichols in hopes of finding out what was causing my pain. Dr. Nichols discovered that I had a rotator cuff tear in my right shoulder with AC joint impingement. 

Dr. Nichols recommended arthroscopic surgery. He thoroughly explained the benefits and risks of the surgery and I made the decision that day to proceed with the surgery. Dr. Nichols performed my surgery, and after some extensive PT, my shoulder was back to 100%.

Unfortunately, in September of 2018, I returned to Dr. Nichols with pain in the same shoulder. The pain continued to hold me back from everyday activities. However, I decided to go through rounds of physical therapy to see if the pain would subside. 

In November of 2018, my shoulder pain continued even after physical therapy treatment. I had no loss of motion, but still had impingement with overhead and crossover motions. 

After an MRI, Dr. Nichols discovered that I would need another surgery that would get rid of scar tissue and shave down my bone to fix my second shoulder injury. 

Dr. Nichols willingness to work with me and his sincere concern played a huge role in my great experience at Andrews Sports Medicine. Dr. Nichols really does care about his patients and showed me compassion where a lot of others do not. 

I would recommend Dr. Nichols to anyone and I certainly would not go anywhere else. 

I am back to a full life. I can carry a cooler to the beach and lift my beach chairs without any pain. I will be able to play golf again in October and am expected to make a full recovery.