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I currently live in Huntsville, AL and before moving here I have moved 23 times in my lifetime. I lived in Europe for a while and that experience really shaped me. My father was a pilot in the Air Force so we moved a lot. I work in the NASA Space Flight Center and I do leadership training, mentoring, coaching and I train astronauts in leadership communication and team building.

I was also a former pastor for 15 years at 4 different churches. Throughout my life, I have also had the privilege of being an athletic director, an educator, and an administrator. I have been playing sports for as long as I can remember. I started when I was 5 and played all sports such as football, basketball, track, tennis and so on. I was very fortunate to have had a great athletic ability and I lettered in all the sports I played. 

I love the sports world and after college I had the privilege to put together leagues for basketball and football.  I also love to workout. My nickname in the gym is ‘One More’ because I am always ready to keep going. I always want to stay in the game.

In December of 2020, I came to Andrews Sports Medicine for a total hip replacement and then I came to Dr. Jeff Dugas in September for my shoulder. I had a rotator cuff tear that needed fixing. My experience here was UNBELIEVABLE! Dr. Dugas gave the most outstanding care and treatment. He really tried to connect with me as a person and I could feel his care and concern. When I first met with him, he asked, “What can I do for you?” I said, “Get me back in the game.” He said he could definitely do that.

The recovery process has been phenomenal! I went to a physiotherapy place and they were very hands on and gave great care. I’ve had lots of injuries over the years from sports and they were so helpful to me. A lot of the equipment they have I went out and bought for myself to continue to use and regain my strength. Dr. Dugas told me to focus on my range of motion and then rebuild my strength. When I came back for a follow up appointment, he looked at me and said, “Wow, you make me look good!” I followed exactly what he told me to do and there wasn’t as much pain. He said it would take up to a year to regain full motion and I was back in the gym within 6 months.

So much of what I do from a mental mindset is connected with physical wellbeing. When I train these astronauts, I have to have confidence in myself. Life is so much better after the surgery I had. The smile never left even when I was in pain but during that time, it was tough. I now have no pain and I have more confidence. There are now no limitations to what I can do. I am slowly able to get back into my routine of 6 days a week in the gym. I also have picked up less strenuous sports like pickle ball, tennis, bowling, and basketball.

When asked if I would recommend Andrews Sports Medicine to friends and family, my response was “Are you kidding?! There is nowhere else I would go. They are truly the best of the best." Every person who worked with me here has been outstanding. They have shown kindness and empathy toward me which I really appreciated. Everyone here is amazing and there truly is nowhere else I will go!

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