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Surely “arthritis” isn’t making me hobble around at work, or cause me embarrassment when I attempt to climb the bleachers at my grandkids sporting events. I must have torn a ligament or something to cause all this pain. I had spent countless hours of icing, exercises and even acupuncture to make this pain go away.

Finally, I decided to go to Andrews Sports Medicine, get a diagnosis, and get it fixed, however deemed necessary. I viewed the easily accessible website and clicked on the "choose a physician" page. As I scanned the pictures and bios I saw this Auburn graduate, Dr. Jose Ortega. I knew all the docs were good, so I picked the one wearing an orange and blue tie.

I made the appointment sent in the patient information and headed to Birmingham for a magic fix. After reviewing my X-rays and a knee exam, Dr. Ortega told me I had arthritis! Surely this can’t be, I’m not even old! I’m just 59! I still work! Is this what happens to old nurses? Ugh!

I sucked it up and consented to his recommendation of a Synvisc One injection into my knee! I won’t lie, it hurt but just for a few seconds. I could tell a difference after a week. That summer I swam, worked in my yard, attended most all athletic events and did not miss any work due to my knee. Yes, it was the magic fix that changed my life.

After 2 years, it begin to wear off and I returned to Dr. Ortega for a second injection. Anyone with knee arthritis should research Synvisc One and make an appointment with Dr. Ortega.

Camille Foshee, RN

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José (Jody) O. Ortega, MD
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