Diane Reed

Birmingham, AL

Conditions + Treatments

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At the age of 61, I have had a history of rheumatoid arthritis. In addition, a recent fall resulted in me twisting my right knee. I started having some popping and swelling in my knee with weightbearing activities, which caused constant pain and discomfort when sitting.

I scheduled an appointment with Dr. Steven Nichols in October, 2018. During my visit, Dr. Nichols recommended an MRI, which ruled out medial meniscal tear of the right knee, but revealed a grade 2 MCL sprain with some degeneration of my meniscus but no definite tear. Dr. Nichols recommended I wear an elastic knee brace which helped lessen the pain and made standing more bearable.

During this time, I was also having severe lower back pain which I had previous had treated with a lumbar fusion at L4-5 in 2013 by another surgeon. I never really got any relief from that surgery, my pain prolonged and progressed to my lower leg.

I couldn’t seem to get the help I needed and that’s when I started doing my own research. I ran across Dr. Nichols and I had read something that said he ‘helps athletes get back to their feet’ and that’s when I knew I needed to schedule an appointment with him.

I visited Dr. Nichols for the second time in October, 2018. I provided him with all my previous CT & MRI scans and he suggested a minimally invasive XLIF at L3-4 with anterior plating. We moved forward with the surgery and it has completely changed my life.

Thank you to Dr. Nichols for helping me overcome my injuries, which has allowed me to be able to work, bend, stand and be pain free. It surely has been a blessing, I highly recommend this facility and Dr. Steven Nichols.