Eddie Hankins

Gordo, AL

Conditions + Treatments

Medical Icon Hip Replacement (Anterior)

Dr. Flanagan and the staff at Andrews Sports Medicine are the best. Going into surgery, my wife or one of my boys had to put my sock and shoe on my right foot. I had to swing my leg to get into my truck and I literally had to pick my leg up with my hand from the brake pedal to the gas pedal. Football practice and games were brutal and my golf game, even though it has always been awful, went from awful to non-existent.

I had surgery Feb. 1, 2017 and my goal was to be fishing and golfing by spring break which happened to be 6 weeks after my surgery. I was walking 2 miles, 5 weeks after surgery and met my goal of golfing and fishing during spring break. My golf game is still awful though.