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Athens, AL

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I grew up in Athens, AL and I went to Athens High School. I am a freshman and play softball at Wallace State Community College. I am a part of the AHSAA State Championship Team. My first injury happened my freshman year of high school when I was 14 years-old. My shoulder was bothering me and I went to the doctor to get an opinion. The pain kept getting worse and it was in my throwing arm. I tried PT but at this point it was too late. That was the summer after my freshman year. The fall of my sophomore year of high school I was diagnosed with biceps tendonitis and got a cortisone shot. I ended up having surgery and the recovery was great.

My second injury was in the spring of my junior year. I was playing softball and my pinky and ring fingers went numb. I tried to play through the pain but it hurt too bad. I went to Andrews Sports Medicine and got an MRI done and saw Dr. Dugas. He was great and took really good care of me and left the surgery up to me. He did everything he had to do for me before my surgery and I really appreciated that. He set me up with my MRI and everything else I needed.

With my first injury, the recovery was good. I enjoyed being able to strengthen my arm and it wasn’t as much mental as physical. With my second injury, I went through more pain than the first and it was definitely more mental. PT was hard and I had to regain my strength quicker since I was in a time crunch for softball. The season started in February and I had the surgery in November.

Both surgeries made me better and I performed better than I ever have. Dr. Dugas showed me how to train and strengthen my body the right way. He suggested training and weightlifting and it definitely helped me regain my strength.

I would definitely recommend Andrews Sports Medicine! I would say if anyone is hurt at all, go and see the doctors there. They are great! I came to Andrews because I wanted a better opinion and it was just what I needed. Thank you Dr. Dugas and Andrews Sports Medicine for getting me back in the game!

Photo Credentials: Kyle Parmley- Birmingham Sports Editor

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