Freddie Tate

Hoover, AL

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Medical Icon Shoulder Injury/Condition

While playing golf, I was injured when I fell down a steep slope on my right shoulder. It was a bad fall, resulting in stretched ligaments and a bump on my shoulder. Dr. Cain said the injury was a little worse than expected. 

Two of your employees, Kirby K. and Tina L. were very instrumental in having Dr. Cain and Dr. Waldrop do two surgeries the same day. Dr. Waldrop took some scar tissue out of a toe I had previously had surgery on. 

My wife and I were trying to finalize the purchase of a Long Term Care Insurance Policy and were under a deadline to avoid a price increase with this policy. This helped us to get me to get approved to obtain this policy. Without their help, we would not have made it. 

Kirby K. has been my "go to" person to ask Dr. Cain questions about my recovery, and has gotten me in to have x-rays very quickly. These two employees are to be commended. They are on top of their game. Dr. Cain and Dr. Waldrop are two of the kindest, patient and best doctors I have ever seen. Their bedside manner is the best and I truly appreciate it. 

Dr. Cain told me I could not play golf for three months. I patiently waited and yesterday, I played my first 18 holes and being back on the course was an emotional day. 

Being a former athlete, I sit in the waiting room and see all the athletes who have been patients here. It is a very comforting feeling to see all the comeback stories and pictures on the wall.

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