Jane Cameron

Montgomery, AL

Conditions + Treatments

Medical Icon Hip Replacement

Jane Cameron is a 50-year-old athlete with Down syndrome. I adopted Jane when she was 15 years old after my son, who also had Down syndrome, passed away.

Jane has been competing in Special Olympics since she was 6 years old. She started off just competing in swimming, where she became quite the little tadpole.

When Jane turned 8 years old she became more competitive in Special Olympics. In addition to swimming, Jane began competing in sports like sailing and golf. Jane has won hundreds of medals and made so many great friends while participating in Special Olympics. In 2019, she competed in the Special Olympics World Games in Abu Dhabi. Jane loves the competition, the fun, and the feeling she gets after beating the boys in sailing.

Over time, Jane began having pain in her right hip while walking and doing certain exercises. We made an appointment at Andrews Sports Medicine where she first saw Dr. Cherie Miner. We were hoping Jane's "injury" could be treated non-surgically; however, Dr. Miner informed us that Jane had hip dysplasia and hip arthritis, making her a prime candidate for a hip replacement. 

After Jane decided to go through with the surgery, she was referred to Dr. James Flanagan and his team for the procedure. Jane was crazy about all of Dr. Flanagan’s staff. Jane is Dr. Flanagan's biggest fan, always saying...“He’s the best…He’s #1!”

Dr. Flanagan performed Jane's hip replacement surgery in October, 2017. Jane progressed really well after her surgery. She was very dedicated to her physical therapy and was motivated to make a 100% recovery. When Dr. Flanagan released Jane to full activity with no restrictions, he told Jane that he wouldn't need to see her again for 5 years. Jane was terribly disappointed that she would no longer be "getting to visit" Dr. Flanagan, Eve, Kaley and Amy every few weeks. However, that disappointment was quickly replaced - Jane celebrated her successful recovery by going to the pool and swimming 40 laps!

Jane has worked for Special Olympics Alabama in Montgomery for 19 years, working a standard 40-hour work week (8 AM-5 PM Monday through Friday) in the state offices.

In her free time, Jane loves to go on walks and is walking 2 miles two to three times a week. She has an Apple watch she uses to keep up with her steps and also visits the YMCA frequently to stay in shape for Special Olympics.

Jane looks forward to seeing Dr. Flanagan in October, 2022 when she comes to Birmingham for her 5-year post-op appointment.  

Thank you to Dr. Flanagan and his team for taking great care of Jane!

Ann Riddle - Jane's Mom