Jeff Tomko

Birmingham, AL

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Medical Icon Meniscus Tear

One week prior to moving from Ohio to Alabama for a new job assignment, I was playing basketball with my 15 year old twin sons. I felt a pop in my right knee when I stretched to retrieve a ball from going out of bounds. My wife would tell you that I should not be playing pick up basketball at the age of 49!

An MRI later revealed that I had torn my meniscus, and surgery was required.

I was referred to Andrews Sports Medicine by a neighbor, made an appointment with Dr. Flanagan who performed my meniscus repair surgery.

I returned to work just 5 days later, began working my way back up to walking, playing basketball with my sons, and made it back to play in the Regions Pro-Am at Shoal Creek just 2 months after my surgery.

Thanks to Dr. Flanagan and his great staff for getting me back on my feet so quickly. 

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James A. Flanagan, Jr., MD
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