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Birmingham, AL

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While walking my two dogs in March of 2015, I made the decision that it was finally time to do something about my big toe pain. I had only been walking about ten minutes but could not stand the pain.

I was a ballet dancer and danced several days a week in pointe shoes from age seven to age 22. When I stopped dancing, I started playing tennis and played on several competitive teams for fourteen years. I have always been an avid walker and was very active with my five children. I spent most of my adult life looking for shoes that I liked and did not hurt my feet. I was always conscious of my feet , worried about my feet, and afraid that someone would step on my feet. The pain was just excruciating at times. I had so many bone spurs in both big toe joints that I could not walk normally and after a long day, I was often in tears.

I saw Dr. Cherie Miner and she recommended that I get an x-ray of my feet. When she saw what the situation was, she made an appointment for me with Dr. Norman Waldrop. He spent about 30 minutes with me explaining all of my options and then making a recommendation for a big toe joint fusion on both feet. I had so many questions and he answered every single one in detail, as if I was his only patient for that day. I left that appointment knowing that 2015 was going to be the year that I fixed both big toes.

Dr. Waldrop fixed my right big toe on May 20, 2015. The pain after surgery was pretty bad, but the painkillers worked well. The hardest thing about this surgery is being non-weight bearing for two weeks. I spent six weeks in a boot and then transitioned to a loose sandal and Hoka running shoes. It took several more weeks for the swelling to completely go away but the result was so worth it. My right foot was completely pain free for the fist time in decades! I went back to surgery on November 9th so that Dr. Waldrop could fuse my left big toe joint. This foot was worse than my right foot and the healing has been a bit slower but I am making progress weekly. I am using a good scar recovery gel by Skin Medica for the scars on both feet. I am back at the gym and I look forward to getting back on the tennis court.

Dr. Waldrop, Heather G. and Tina L. have been wonderful to me throughout my journey. They are always ready to listen and respond to all of my questions and concerns. They are a very compassionate team who truly care about their patients. I am 100% pleased with my surgeries and the treatment that I received at Andrews. I very highly recommend Dr. Waldop! 

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Norman E. Waldrop, III, MD
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