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For about 10 years, I can recall experiencing aches in my right hip. The discomfort would come on and off for unexplained reasons. I had even thought that at some point I might have overused that part of my body to result in the discomfort. 

In 2018, my job transferred me to another state. While packing for the move, my hip became extremely sore with a certain range of motion. It seemed that simple positions began to cause pain in my hip. This included tying my shoe, other normal activities and bending my hip and knee in a kneeling position. 

I knew I needed to seek medical attention. Therefore, I made an appointment with a chiropractor. He told me that he was not able to do anything for my hip as it was not spine-related. 

So I continued on with life. I went to the gym and did other typical activities. However, the pain in my hip was now worse than before. The pain was keeping me up at night and affecting my sleep. I realized I had a true problem now.

I had always been familiar with Andrews Sports Medicine. My father and I were both former patients years ago. I went to the group's website to research their physicians. I chose Dr. Ricardo Colberg, a non-surgical sports medicine and orthopedic physician, and Dr. Michael Ryan, an orthopedic surgeon. Once I called the practice, I received an appointment to be seen by Dr. Colberg in just a few days. 

On the day of my appointment, Dr. Colberg carefully evaluated my hip and reviewed my x-ray. He determined I needed an MRI to further evaluate my hip. Immediately, he ordered the MRI for that day and asked that I go there on my way home. A couple of days later, Dr. Colberg called me with my test results and recommended I see Dr. Ryan for an appointment in two weeks. 

I was very impressed with Dr. Ryan at my appointment. He did a fantastic job explaining the medical part of my diagnosis and solution. I do have to admit that it was quite daunting to hear that I needed a hip replacement. I thought that only older patients received hip replacements. 

My surgery was successful and Dr. Ryan prescribed physical therapy near my home. The physical therapy went well and I am proud to report that I was cleared to return to work 10 weeks post surgery. 

I wished I had had the surgery two years ago knowing what I know now. Andrews Sports Medicine has top-notch doctors. I would absolutely recommend them to anyone. In fact, since my surgery, Dr. Colberg has treated my wife for hip issues and she is now going to physical therapy. In addition, my daughter, who is a student-athlete, has been treated by Dr. Colberg. I am grateful that their issues did not require surgery like mine did. 

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