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My name is John Allen, and I am from Thomasville, AL. I started playing sports in the fourth grade at my school: baseball and football. I have played baseball my whole life as my team's pitcher and first baseman. In football, I play running back and linebacker.

I currently attend Clarke Preparatory School. In August of 2023, I was injured during the 1st quarter of my first JV football game of the season. I had just received the ball and began to run it. As I ran the ball, an opposing player hit me low and tackled me. After the tackle, I got up and tried to walk it off, but the pain and swelling was too severe. 

I was immediately evaluated by my athletic trainer, who was in the middle of coaching a volleyball game at the time of the accident. She rushed to the field to assess my injury and immediately concluded that we needed to go to the ER in Livingston, AL right away.

The ER took x-rays of my left foot, and the results were immediately sent to UWA Athletic Training & Sports Medicine Center, where the medical team could indicate the extent of the results. I had a weight-bearing x-ray, and they recommended I schedule an appointment at Andrews Sports Medicine with orthopedic foot & ankle surgeon, Dr. Norman Waldrop.  

My parents took me to Andrews Sports Medicine to be seen by Dr. Waldrop, where I was told I had suffered a Lisfranc injury that ended my football season immediately. On my first visit to see Dr. Waldrop, he told me that I had a pretty bad injury and it was going to be a long road to recovery, but he would be able to do surgery and fix my injury. After surgery, I was in a wheelchair for a week, along with pain and constant elevation of my foot.

Following surgery, I started physical therapy 3 times a week at Health Actions and Thomas. Prior to surgery, Dr. Waldrop said that a full recovery could take up to 12 months. However, at one of my initial follow-up appointments, Dr. Waldrop he told me my foot looked great and it was healing really well. At the 6-month mark, I was released to start playing baseball again

As a multi-sport athlete with such a severe injury, I want others to know that there is a chance of positive outcomes such as mine, where I can play the sports I love again, thanks to Dr. Waldrop. I played baseball and recovered in six months, twelve months into my twelve-month recovery. I learned to take every day, day by day, and to listen to my body.

My name is John Allen, and I am very grateful to Dr. Waldrop and his team for helping me achieve Victory Over Injury!

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